Not everything comes into our shop looking pretty.  But everything leaves that way.

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Reconditioning of Parts, Sub-Assemblies, and Equipment

Comprehensive Rebuilding & Reconditioning Services

Need help with an equipment repair or overhaul project? As a full-service manufacturing facility, Foltz Machine has the expertise to help with your MRO requirements. We have the equipment, tooling and materials inventory, too.  Many of our reconditioning projects include multi-operation services that start with project planning and end with comprehensive finishing processes. From start to finish, our technicians are well-experienced in all phases of equipment repair and overhaul, from inspection & evaluation to final assembly, paint, and testing.  ​​​​​

Anytime your MRO requirements include equipment or machinery repair and overhaul, consider Foltz Machine. Your project won't just look pretty when it leaves our shop—it will also be fully functional and ready for your mission-critical manufacturing operations.  Contact us to learn more.

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